“My experience at danger! awesome is indescribable. During my time in their space I have made unforgettable connections, witnessed amazing creations, learned valuable skills, discovered some of my hidden potential, and learned how start-ups are made. A person might read this statement and think I am overselling d!a. If so, I urge them to experience d!a and make the best of each moment then describe it…I leave danger!awesome knowing it has made me a stronger designer. It served as an important step toward my personal dreams.” – Steve Marcelin, d!a community member

“danger!awesome gave me a great experience into the world of 3D printing. It was fun and very easy to do, and I also got to learn more about 3D printers and using them! danger!awesome is the perfect place to try something new.”Dahlia, MFA Teen Arts Council Member

“Danger!Awesome provides a much-needed space for creativity and community. At Danger!Awesome, innovation is accessible to everyone-including young people who are creating their diverse portfolios and thinking ‘outside of the box’ about their careers. The MFA is excited to have a partner in arts and education in Danger!Awesome.” – Shilo Kuriakose, Museum of Fine Arts Staff

“I have to say that I did not foresee the profound effect [danger!awesome] would have on me as someone new to living in the Boston area. danger!awesome gave me a wonderful opportunity to meet people from a variety of backgrounds that I could not imagine otherwise meeting. Overall I am very happy with my experience, especially since it offers me a lot to think about in terms of what I might want to do in the future.” – Maria Bressler, d!a community member

“This place further foreshadows a continuation of a technological advancement for youth and those alike. It encourages the youth to branch out into the creativity that is possible through 3D printing. The experience was truly innovative.”Danilo, MFA Teen Arts Council Member

“Danger!Awesome has definitely been one of the highlights of my creative career. I came in with little to no knowledge of laser cutters or even graphic design and am now a maker of all things woodcut and I’m super grateful for it…One of the biggest reasons there’s so many talented people there I believe is because of everyone’s willingness to share their knowledge of whatever they’ve picked up themselves. Overalll I learned a lot and am grateful for the opportunity to do so. Also the staff is pretty dope and that helped tremendously.” – Angelica Aguilera, d!a community member