Our Team

Nadeem Mazen, CEO
Nadeem Mazen, CEO
Nadeem ​is an MIT Media Lab alum with degrees in Biological Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, where he first learned about the maker revolution over 15 years ago. He has been a leading voice in education and the
maker revolution around the world.
Jozef Karpiel, Director of Design
Jozef Karpiel, Director of Design
Jozef Karpiel holds a Masters of Architecture from Roger Williams University and has extensive experience developing consumer product lines using rapid fabrication equipment. His background in woodworking, 3D and graphic design, digital media, and photography allows him to bring a diverse range of skills to danger!awesome and help customers bring their visions to life.
Nicky Rose Kaveny, Director of Shop Operations
Jozef Karpiel, Director of Design
Nicky Rose Kaveny is a MassArt alum, award winning Filmmaker, Animator, Illustrator, designer, and technician. She manages intake, client relations, and quality control by day, and DMs a Dungeons & Dragons group by night.
Tirzah Maroun, Director of Education
Jozef Karpiel, Director of Design
Tirzah Maroun is dedicated to being a life-long vegetarian, artist and human being. Her biggest goal is to never stop learning, even if she is not in school. Currently, she is a third-year Fine Arts major at Lesley University with a strong focus in Ceramics and Sculpture, but works in other mediums as well. She also plans to minor in Education and Management.
Emily Worden, COO
Emily Warden, COO
Emily Worden is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. She holds an MBA in Management and started several business before becoming a business coach in 2013. She is passionate about helping people succeed and wrote Make. Sell. Repeat. The Ultimate Business Guide for Artists, Crafters, and Makers to help creative entrepreneurs build thriving businesses. She has been a MassChallenge mentor, Startup Institute teacher, and an enthusiastic speaker on business and entrepreneurship.
Atma Khalsa, Managing Director
Jozef Karpiel, Director of Design
Atma ​is a lifelong artist who holds a degree in Cognitive Science from Johns Hopkins with an Entrepreneurship and Management minor. She previously worked as a VIP client liaison and manager for a counseling firm, as a graphic designer, and as an art teacher.
Elijah Childs, Director of Operations
Jozef Karpiel, Director of Design
Elijah Childs is a Boston native who studied Graphic Design at The Lesley University College of Art and Design. He has previously worked with activist groups such as Black Lives Matter Boston as a graphic designer. He also builds and repairs his own 3D printers, programs video games in Unity 3D, enjoys intaglio fine arts printmaking, and has stepped barefoot on enough Lego bricks to build up an immunity.

Our Guidance

Our Advisors:

Robin Chase — Founder of Zipcar
Michael Hawley — early employee at NeXT Computer (subsequently Apple) and serial entrepreneur
Tim Anderson — Co-founder of Z-Corp
Erik Martin — Former Executive Director, Reddit.com
Vicky Wu Davis — Executive Director, Youth CITIES
Dennis Littkey — Founder, Big Picture Learning (over 160 schools worldwide)

MassChallenge Mentors:

Shahin Ali — Principal Consultant at Wirksam Consulting
Dwayne Desaulniers — Director, New England Media at Associated Press
Siobhan Dullea — Global Chief Client Officer at C Space (formerly Communispace)
Freddie Martignetti — Partner at Suffolk Equity
Mike McCarthy — Vice President of Operations at Design Communications, Ltd.
John Sallay — Managing Director and CEO at NextVista Group
Emily Worden — Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Business Coach