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From hands-on training to apprenticeships and scholarships, danger!awesome creates a community which thrives upon accessibility and learning. We allow non-profits to use our space at low or no cost, in addition to operating on a sliding pricing scale, ultimately sharing opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation with all socioeconomic strata.
The passionate and gifted teachers at danger!awesome implement a range of workshops intended to make the transition into a lifestyle of “making” an easy one. Members of the community are able to learn practical computer and machine skills, thereby facilitating the realization of their imagined creative futures.
One of our ultimate goals is for the danger!awesome space to be activated with cultural relevance, accessible information, and clear communication. We believe that this

environment will encourage those unfamiliar with makerspaces to feel comfortable and at home in our space. In attempting to bring new technologies into the marketplace, accessibility is key. For this reason, we are in the process of redesigning our space to empower and enable visitor engagement.

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Thanks to our supporters, werocketed into Kickstarter’s most popular projects, were featured as a Staff Pick, and got some great press on the high-tech, hands-on educational message that we want to put out there in the world. We love that you’re sharing, backing, and reaching out to us with great ideas.

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